The easiest way to clean a Lifestyle Awning is to gently wash it down with a garden hose. Occasional rain will do the job for you, but otherwise gentle mopping (with car body detergent if appropriate) can be used to remove bird droppings and other debris.

If you have any surrounding trees, plants or bushes that may hang over or grow alongside your Awning, be sure to trim back any overgrown branches that could potentially break off and fall on top of your Awning or cause an excess of leaves, twigs and other forms of smaller debris to start collecting.

Before the rainy season check your gutters – you can use a ladder to access the patio roof/awning gutters (don’t climb onto the awning) and check if there are debris free or you can conduct a flood test – temporally block the downpipe with rags & then fill the gutters with water from the hose pipe, once the gutters are half full, switch off the water & check the inside of the awning for any leaks (as the awning has hidden box gutters the gutter issues will manifest on the inside of the awning). Don’t forget to remove the rags from the downpipe. Balls & toys are also known to block the gutters & downpipe.