Imagine enjoying the perfect outdoor ambiance, day and night, in the comfort of your own backyard. With Custom Designed Patio Ceiling Roofs, you can create a sophisticated and inviting outdoor space that seamlessly blends style and functionality. These innovative roof systems offer a world of possibilities, transforming your outdoor area into a cool, comfortable, and versatile haven.

Let’s explore the key features of Patio Ceiling Roofs and discover how they enhance your outdoor lifestyle and property.

The Perfect Outdoor Atmosphere

Custom Designed Patio Ceiling Roofs bring you the best of both worlds – a beautiful outdoor ceiling with the option of including downlights. Whether you’re hosting a vibrant evening gathering or enjoying a quiet night under the stars, the added downlights create a warm and inviting atmosphere that extends your outdoor lifestyle well into the night. Say goodbye to dark, dim outdoor spaces, and welcome a well-lit, sophisticated ambiance that sets the perfect tone for every occasion.

The All-in-One Solution

Gone are the days of traditional outdoor roofing structures. The Patio Ceiling Roof System combines both a ceiling and a roof in one, offering a seamless and even finish that exudes class and elegance. This innovative design provides a cool and comfortable outdoor space, shielding you from the elements while maintaining a fresh and airy feel. The result? A stunning and functional outdoor sanctuary that impresses every time you step outside.

Versatility at Its Finest

One of the standout features of Patio Ceiling Roofs is their versatility. They can be effortlessly combined with louvre sections to tailor the design to your preferences. Adjust the louvres to control sunlight and ventilation, offering you the freedom to customise your outdoor space according to your desires. Moreover, you can enclose the area with glass door/windows or soft drop blinds, ensuring a year-round outdoor lifestyle regardless of the weather.

Low-Maintenance Convenience

We understand the importance of spending more time enjoying your outdoor sanctuary than maintaining it. With Patio Ceiling Roofs, you can breathe easy as they require ‘low to no’ maintenance. A simple occasional wipe down is all it takes to keep your roof looking pristine and inviting, leaving you with more time for cherished moments with your family and friends.

Your Budget, Your Choice

At Custom Designed Patio Ceiling Roofs, we believe in offering tailored solutions that cater to your needs and budget. Choose from Aluminium or PVC options, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your outdoor space without compromising on quality or aesthetics.


Custom Designed Patio Ceiling Roofs offer a unique and innovative way to elevate your outdoor living experience. Embrace the perfect outdoor ambiance with downlights, and revel in the comfort and style of an all-in-one roof and ceiling. The versatility of Patio Ceiling Roofs allows you to customise your outdoor space to suit your preferences, while the low-maintenance convenience ensures you can spend more time making memories and less time on upkeep. Enhance your outdoor lifestyle and property with the beauty and functionality of Patio Ceiling Roofs – your ideal outdoor haven awaits- contact Lifestyle Awnings to book your FREE design consultation & quote.