Prospective awning owners often ask us about the cost of an awning, which is a valid question. However, there’s no easy answer, as three primary factors influence the price: the awning’s style, size, and accessories. By comparing different styles using the same dimensions and without any accessories, you can get an idea of the price per style of awning (prices as of November 2022).

Price comparison of Lifestyle Awnings by style

*All prices include VAT, all materials & installation.

Style/Material Size Accessories Price
Adjustable Aluminium Louvre Awning 6000mm x 3000mm None R52,500
Patio Ceiling Roof / Aluminium 6000mm x 3000mm None R42,700
Patio Ceiling Roof / Zinc-Alum 6000mm x 3000mm None R36,700
Fixed IBR Awning / Aluminium 6000mm x 3000mm None R30,250
Fixed IBR Awning / Zinc-Alum 6000mm x 3000mm None R24,200
Aluminium Pergola 6000mm x 3000mm None R29,000

Adding an awning to your house will provide you with additional space, lifestyle benefits, and increased home value. Choosing the right option for your family’s needs and home’s aesthetics is crucial. Our design consultants are available to guide you and answer all your questions. After a site visit where the style, size, and any accessories will be discussed and agreed upon, you will receive a quote for your unique awning.

So, don’t wait any longer. Contact Lifestyle Awnings today to get started.