When you’re in the process of considering adding a covered patio to your home, there are a few important aspects to consider before beginning the project.

They include:

1. How you’ll use the patio area
How you will ultimately use the patio area will dictate many things, including placement, design, and functionality. For example, if you’d like to use it as a braai area, you’ll want to create a covered area for braaing and make sure lighting and other power elements are readily available at strategic locations in order to hook up appliances and lighting. If it’s a simple outdoor dining area, placing it strategically close to the existing kitchen will be important, to make it easy for meals to be set up. Whether you wish to use the space for al-fresco dining or contemplative relaxation, a covered patio allows you to get creative while drawing the indoors outside in fun and interesting ways

2. The site
A covered patio generally needs to be constructed on level ground. If you have a sloping back yard, you’ll have to consider how to make a space that is level for the patio roof/awning to sit on. The flooring, do you need to install a new floor or can you use the existing flooring. Will the patio roof/awning be free standing or attached to the house?

3. What style & material will you use?
Style & Materials are an essential consideration. Choose the style that suits your lifestyle & home. You’ll also want to ensure the material you choose is durable and requires little maintenance. Consider the following when choosing your Patio roof/awning
Your home’s design
Your outdoor lifestyle.
The material’s longevity
How you want to use the covered patio.
The type of material.
The ease of installation.

4. Plan requirements and building codes
Before beginning your build, it’s advisable to reach out to your local council to discover what codes and permits are required. We have draftsmen we can recommend that know our products and will draw up the plans & walk them through council for a reasonable fee. See our Partner page for their details, we also have an informative pamphlet all about getting plans from the council available on our website.

5. Professional vs DIY
You’ll also want to consider who will ultimately be building the patio. Will you do a DIY job or will you hire a professional? Professionals are always advisable, as they have the proper equipment to ensure your patio is level, built with proper drainage, constructed with quality materials, and designed to last. Before committing to a DIY, consider your budget, timing, skills and the level of complexity of the overall build.

6. Why
Patios not only expand the amount of living space for a home, they also:
Add design elements to the yard and home
Increase the resale value of a home
Provide room for entertaining family and friends
Create natural gathering and entertainment spaces
And many more

Are you ready to add a covered patio to your home? Speak to the friendly team at Lifestyle Awning Solutions today! Or head off to our website to fill in the online quote form